When a person wants to stay healthy you don’t always have to spend money to get there. There are many ways to accomplish this.

First off, a healthy diet is important. Each meal should include healthy proteins, grains, fruits and vegetables in moderate portions. Anything in excess is not good for anyone. Preparing these foods simply and not overcooked will keep the nutrients intact and be beneficial to the body. Processed foods should be avoided. There are too many chemicals in these foods that are not good for the health of our bodies. If you don’t know what the ingredients are don’t buy it. Simple, whole foods are the best.

Our bodies are mostly made up of water and we expel a lot of water every day. We need to replenish this water by drinking fluids at least every hour. It is too easy to get dehydrated and then the body’s systems will start to break down. Drinking while exercising is crucial. Having a Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement will help pay expenses that Medicare Part A and B doesn’t.

Walking is an exercise that doesn’t cost anything. We do a lot of walking everyday just doing household chores. Taking a brisk walk outside on a nice day can have many beneficial effects. Besides enjoying nature, a brisk walk will increase our heart muscle and burn calories as well. Getting a pedometer will help you see how many steps you take each day. It is recommended to walk 10,000 steps a day. You may think you couldn’t possibly do that many steps, but you will be surprised how many you get in just walking around a grocery store. Doing any exercise three times a week will be very beneficial to your body.

Many people love music and dancing and there is nothing wrong putting on some music and dancing around your home. Twenty minutes is all you need to get your heart pumping and you even have fun doing it. Best part is it doesn’t costs anything.

Some people will be able to join a gym and even get a trainer. This is a luxury that some people can afford and they should take advantage of this. Three to four times a week will keep your body healthy.

Doing daily chores like washing clothes, dusting and vacuuming will get a lot of steps in and exercise your muscles as well. Even walking in place during the television commercials are a way to get in your exercise in your own home.

So do some kind of exercise every day to get and keep your body healthy.